Philips Airfryer Giveaway – Ends 9/3

What kind of Southern girl doesn't like to fry? This one. Don't get me wrong. I love to eat fried foods, but am just not a fan of the frying process. Why? 1. It's messy - The kids provide me with enough mess to clean up without adding grease spatters to the mix 2. It's dangerous - My arms have seen their share of little burns from dropping … [Read More...]

Curious George Birthday Party (Sweet T Turns Three!)

Sweet T is obsessed with Curious George so naturally she celebrated turning 3 with a Curious George birthday party. We kept things simple by only inviting a few family members and making sure Sweet T and Gus were the only small children present. I made the cupcakes from a cake mix and frosted them using a Wilton tip and canned … [Read More...]

6 Things Never To Say To A Mother Of Small Children

Disclaimer: My children are not in real danger of being eaten. I have too much invested in them. Also if this post disturbs you, never ever read anything at 1. Awww. I remember when mine were this age - Do you? Do you remember the smell of your own body after it hasn't been washed in 4 days, road trips in which screams filled the … [Read More...]

Easy Peach Cobbler Recipe: Only 5 Ingredients!

With only 5 ingredients, this easy peach cobbler recipe might better be dubbed "pantry cobbler" since you likely have all the ingredients on hand. You can easily switch up the fruit depending on the season and enjoy a variety of cobbler recipes from this one. Make blackberry cobbler in the summer with fresh fruit or peach cobbler in the … [Read More...]

Fun in the Mountains with #AlamoGames2Go

Are you taking a vacation this summer? We enjoyed a trip to the Smoky Mountains this month for a family reunion with Hubs' side of the family. This was the first road trip we have taken since Gus was a newborn and both kids actually did better than we expected. Don't you love it when they surprise you like  that? Since our kids are at the infant … [Read More...]

It’s time for a Style Makeover

Wait. That would imply that I had style to start with. I have a style. It's called White Trash Chic. Whatever this is happened nearly 20 years ago when I had an excuse for not knowing any better (and had some pretty cruel parents.)  But what about the denim and matching shirts I wore at Christmas...and my maternity photo shoots...and church. Is … [Read More...]

How to Choose a Vacuum Cleaner

Luckily, unlike previous generations, we have no need to use carpet beaters or to hang our rugs out to dry. The modern day vacuum is now designed to suit your needs, whether you are a domestic guru or whether you reluctantly drag the cleaning gear out of the cupboard once a week (like me!). Whether you need to clean carpets, wooden floors or to get … [Read More...]

Cakes By Bakin’ Bishop: Pigeon Forge Bakery

We enjoyed a reunion with Hubs' side of the family in the Smoky Mountains over the 4th of July weekend. Mom was nice enough to snap a family picture for us. See how she managed to get in it too? ;) Since we only see many of these family members every four years or so (and we're talking Hubs' sisters here!) we knew we'd be spending all our time … [Read More...]