Let this feminine, coastal home office design inspire you to create home office decor where you find peace and do your best work!

Declutter Your Home Office!

Your home office is a sanctuary where you can have a professional and clear mindset, but if it's cluttered and messy, it really can influence the way you work. Clutter can decrease productivity as well as your energy so declutter your home office to get organized and regain your effective work space. 1. Start by sorting The first thing you need … [Read More...]

Wondering where to stay kn Franklin, TN? Pot N' Kettle Cottages Leiper's Fork Tennessee: Picker's Cottage

Leiper’s Fork, Tennessee

Between Christmas and New Year's, Hubs and I enjoyed time off of work and the gracious hospitality of the city of Franklin, Tennessee. There are so many lovely things about this community from the history to the food to the Southern hospitality, so I'm going to break our experience down into a couple of different posts. Let's start off with the … [Read More...]

Check out these easy game day appetizers to make a tabletop tailgate of your own!

Game Day Snack Hacks!

This post is sponsored by Tyson Foods, Inc. and Southern Living®. All opinions are my own. The Big Game is coming up and if you're hosting a viewing party at your house to celebrate, I know you'll want to impress your guests! What if there was a way to create a delicious, impressive Tabletop Tailgate without any hassle? Look no further than your … [Read More...]

Sensory activities for preschoolers are a great way to help your kids explore the world. Try this water beads sensory bin for your next sensory play activity! I love that it's cheap and doesn't make a mess.

Water Beads for Sensory Play!

I just ordered some water beads for sensory play and the kids had so much fun with them, I'll be ordering more! Sensory play water beads are the same bulk water beads that are used in centerpieces, table decorations, and plants. They are non-toxic and pretty much mess-free which makes them ideal for a water beads sensory table or bin. For … [Read More...]

Colder weather means it's time to start your winter skin care routine. Check out these winter skin care tips and your complexion will thank you!

Winter Skincare Routine

For the better part of 20 years, all I've had to worry about when it comes to skincare is keeping the acne at bay and not getting a sunburn. Now that my 30's are here, it's a different ballgame. Why does my skin look dehydrated even though I throw on some moisturizer at night? Why are my hands drinking up lotion the moment it lands on my skin? What … [Read More...]

Kitchen organization begins with a kitchen declutter. Find out how quick and painless decluttering your kitchen can be with this step-by-step process.

Ways to Declutter Your Kitchen in a Day!

A new year is upon us and if you're like me, your thoughts are turning to organizing my home and making healthier choices. Maybe it's because we spend most of December accumulating more things and eating Christmas cookies? Whatever the reasons, if you're feeling the urge to purge some of your clutter in January, by all means take advantage of it … [Read More...]

american bulldog a dog's life

Every Dog Happens for a Reason…

This post is in partnership with Universal Pictures’ new film A Dog’s Purpose, in theaters January 27. Years ago when Hubs and I were DINKS (dual income, no kids) our "baby" was our American Bulldog Casey. We rescued him from our next door neighbor who kept him chained in the yard and largely ignored except for feeding time. Unfortunately, this is … [Read More...]

Whole 30 breakfast on the go is a convenient way to start your day off on the right track. Make ahead these Whole 30 breakfast recipes or whip them up and eat on your way to work.

Whole 30 Breakfast To Go

Whole 30 Breakfast To Go One nice thing about the Whole 30 plan is that breakfast is pretty simple. If you have eggs, fruit, and clean breakfast meat you are good to go! Whole 30 breakfast might be simple, but without introducing variety, it can get boring quickly. These Whole 30 breakfast to go recipes will help you mix things up without … [Read More...]