Simple Cheap Preschool Activity

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Simple Cheap Preschool ActivitySometime the best things in life really are free. Sweet T and I had more fun with this simple cheap preschool activity than we have with many of her pricey toys. All you need is an egg carton, some double-sided adhesive, and the great outdoors.

Simply head off into the woods, your local nature trail, or your own backyard and collect 12 different objects. The adhesive is really optional, but it help the little things you collect along the way to stay put. Sweet T and I found so many things we should have brought an 18 egg carton!

simple cheap preschool activity
We found:
Sweet gum ball
Tree bark
Purple flower
Yellow Flower

We also found some lichen and fungi both of which are fun words to listen to a toddler repeat.

nature trail activity

Homeschool moms of older kids, step things up a notch by using the internet to properly classify everything once you arrive home. Yay for a fun biology day!