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Delivery Driver Snack Sign Free Printable

You can place this free printable snack sign for delivery drivers on your door along with some snacks and drinks to show that you care.

Since I work from home, packages and paperwork are something I receive on an almost daily basis. Don’t forget my online shopping addiction too!

Free printable for the home to place outside with treats for your UPS driver, Fedex delivery man, or mail carrier. It's a great way to show your appreciation!

Thanking our carriers who deliver UPS, FedEx and USPS is a good idea year-round. But maybe you only have a massive amount of deliveries during the Christmas season? Use this delivery driver thank you printable for all those Black Friday and Christmas present deliveries!

2021 Update

I should have updated this delivery driver snack sign a while ago due to the rise in Amazon delivery drivers which aren’t included in my original sign.

Add 2021 to the mix and we’re all using InstaCart, Walmart Grocery Delivery, GrubHub, etc so I wanted to make a different thank you sign that includes deliveries of all kinds.

Below is an updated version that’s all-inclusive with the language and features. It also has an image that doesn’t imply people driving a delivery truck are the only ones entitled to a drink or a snack!

thank you sign for delivery drivers snacks and drinks

Click the image above or the link to use this updated sign if you receive deliveries from all different sources like me.

I’m leaving the original sign here too because it’s too cute and some people (and businesses especially) really only receive shipments from major carriers. Enjoy!

Driver Snack Sign

I like that this sign is vaguely Christmasy, but works just as well at other times of the year. So don’t feel you have to limit its use to the holiday season! It’s a great way for kids to practice kindness and giving back, or at least observe their parents doing it. “More is caught than taught” which is equally encouraging and scary, right?

Tips for Your Driver to Have the Best Experience

  • If temps are below freezing, don’t leave soda cans out! They might go kaboom.
  • If it’s summer (in the South), consider freezing some bottles of water and leaving them out
  • Don’t leave out snacks unsecured if you are in a rural area. Wildlife and neighborhood dogs might help themselves. Instead, put snacks in a food storage container and write a note on top that there are snacks inside.
  • Make sure everything you leave out is manufactured and individually wrapped/packaged. Homemade treats are nice, but would you feel safe or comfortable eating something homemade from someone you don’t know personally? Neither does your UPS man. Want to leave something healthy? Try oranges or bananas. They naturally have their own individual packaging.
  • If your porch is sheltered from the elements, your sign will be fine to print out on card stock and use as-is. If your porch, like ours, isn’t sheltered you might want to laminate your sign. Laminators are affordable and easy to use. I love mine!
  • This mounting putty is an easy way to hang your delivery driver thank you printable. It will work no matter the material of your home’s exterior.
delivery driver thank you printable snack sign for delivery drivers

Ideas for Treats

  • Bottle water, soda, or juice
  • Snack cakes
  • Single serving chip bags
  • Single serving trail mixes
  • Beef jerky sticks
delivery driver thank you printable

Use this free printable sign for delivery drivers paired with drinks and snacks as an easy way to say thank you! You can click the link or the image below to download.

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