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DIY Shower Steamers

I wanted to make my own DIY shower steamers with my Young Living Essential Oils, but every tutorial I came across required a mold of some kind. I don’t even have a plastic Easter egg around so I decided to experiment and just mold these with my hands. Guess what? It worked! It doesn’t get much easier than this DIY shower steamers recipe.

Homemade Shower Steamers

Make your own homemade shower steamers with this DIY shower steamers recipe using essential oils. There's nothing like eucalyptus in the shower! Ahhh...

DIY Shower Steamers Recipe

For homemade shower steamers you will need:
2 cups baking soda
1 cup citric acid  – I find the best deal on Amazon
20 drops Young Living R.C. Essential Oil Blend*
2 Tbsp water

Winter Wellness with Essential Oils

Step 1 – Mix baking soda and citric acid together. Set aside.
Step 2 – Mix water and essential oil together in a a small bottle
Step 3 – Gradually add oil mixture to baking soda mixture. Very gradually as in 1-3 drops of liquid at a time if you can manage. Stir well after adding each drop until entire mixture is added
Step 4 – Tightly pack mixture into 1 1/2″ balls using your hands. Place on wax paper.
Step 5 – After finishing the last ball, go back to the first ball and pack it tighter. Repeat until balls are so dense and crumbly you can no longer pack them any tighter (I only had to do it twice)

shower steamers

Step 6 – Allow your homemade shower steamers to dry overnight. Store away from moisture and humidity.

Makes about 15 homemade shower steamers at a cost of 35 cents each.

R.C. is fabulous for winter wellness. There’s nothing quite like eucalyptus in the shower, but here are some other ideas:
Peppermint Shower Steamers – for an awakening effect in your morning shower
Peace & Calming Shower Steamers – to relax if you shower before bed
Frankincense Shower Steamers – for an anti-aging effect on your skin while your pores are nice and open

Ideas for storing and gifting your DIY shower steamers:
Store in a mason jar in your bathroom
Place in a baking cup, wrap with plastic wrap and tie with jute (pictured)
Wrap each steamer in colored aluminum foil. Place in a basket or Mason Jar as a gift
Place three in a row in a party favor bag and tie each end to resemble a Christmas cracker

DIY Shower Steamers for colds #oilyfamilies