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DIY All-Natural Furniture Polish

This is stop #11 on the “Detox Your Home” spring cleaning blogger series. If you are arriving from Creative Kristi, welcome! How are you enjoying that odor-free kitty litter box? 😉

I mentioned in yesterday’s post that we’re looking for ways to move toward a more natural home-environment and reduce the amount of chemicals we come into contact with every day. The Chemical Free Home is a collection of ways to make that happen with homemade recipes for just about everything! I’m teaming up with a group of 29 other bloggers to showcase some of those recipes plus a few of our own. Spring cleaning has never been healthier!

detox your home

Where is my detox starting? With my beautiful, neglected piano. Since Gus arrived, I have probably played my piano only a handful of times.IMG_4527

It makes me sad that life is so hectic right now that music takes a back seat, but I’m also excited that Sweet T will be starting lessons in about a year! In the meantime, the piano looks gorgeous in our living room and I want to take great care of the wood. Here’s a DIY furniture polish recipe that will keep your wood furniture clean, shiny and protected, without harming your home environment.

DIY Furniture Polish: Non-toxic, chemical-free.

DIY Furniture Polish

¼ cup olive oil
¼ cup white or apple cider vinegar
8 drops Young Living lemon essential oil (comes in the premium starter kit!)
Glass spray bottle*

Add 8 drops of Young Living essential oil into the glass spray bottle
Add olive oil and vinegar.
Shake well before each use.
Apply to a microfiber cloth (I used an old cloth diaper insert) and wipe wood surface.
Repeat as often as needed.

*Glass protects the integrity and potency of the oil. You especially want to use glass with citrus oils since they dissolve petrochemicals (plastic, Styrofoam, etc.) No need to buy a special glass spray bottle though! I emptied an apple cider vinegar bottle and attached a spray nozzle from a Dollar Tree spray bottle. Cheap cheap cheap!

DIY furniture polish

Now my piano is free of dust an polished to a shine. I keep looking over at it while I write this post. It looks like the heirloom it was meant to be. And Cricket is putting cat hair back on it as fast as he can. At least no toxic chemicals are getting on his paws then in his mouth!


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