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Soap Making for Kids: DIY Sea Creature Soap Craft

Looking for activities for kids? Try soap making with them! It's a kids craft you'll both love.Note that this is “soap making for kids” and not “soap making for toddlers.” Sweet T was a little too young to completely engage in this craft, but she had fun adding the fragrance, coloring, and toys to the soap. And she’s certainly enjoying the finished products! We found a six-pack of sea creature bath toys at our local Dollar Tree so when the soap gets used, the kids have a squirt toy to use in the tub. Since I had the other materials at home already these wound up costing pennies. Perfect party favors!

You will need:
Clear glycerin soap blocks ($10 for 32oz pack at Hobby Lobby. Use one of their weekly 40% off coupons to make it $6)
Food Coloring
Silicone Cupcake Liners
Essential oil
Small toys (Dollar Tree!)
Glitter (optional)

making soap with kids

Microwave one block of glycerin soap in a pourable microwave container for 30 seconds or until liquefied. Add 1-2 drops food coloring and 1 drop essential oil. Add glitter if desired. Stir.
melting soap
Pour into silicone mold and allow to cool for a couple of minutes before nesting toy in partly solidified soap.

Since I used all the bath toys before deciding to take pictures and blog a tutorial, I used the only other plastic toy around. A cockroach. Nice, I know. My Dad and I have this inside thing where we hide plastic cockroaches at each others homes to try to startle one another so here’s his Easter gift. 🙂
The soap will be ready to remove from the silicone in a little less than an hour. All of our glitter sank to the bottom, but Sweet T likes it all the same.
Adding glitter to soap

There’s lots of variations for soap making with kids. I found small magnetic letters at Dollar Tree to use to make initial soaps. And really,  if I can make cockroach soap the possibilities are endless.
What will you come up with? Have fun making soap with your kids!