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20 Free Summer Fonts

This summer, show your text some love with these free summer fonts that embody the best parts of this season!

Here are 20 of my favorite free summer fonts for personal use only. Download links are below the graphic.

20 Free Summer Fonts

Choosing a Font

Chosing the right kind of typography for your designs will take them from boring to brilliant in seconds. Clean, narrow fonts are great when designing formal or business themes. Cursive and bold typefaces evoke fun emotions that work well with more casual projects like greeting cards and logos. Understanding how different types of font can alter a design’s tone is key to making it stand out

These summer fonts evoke a sense of whism and playfulness which makes them perfect for summer fun and beach-themed projects.

List of Fonts

I’ll be catching up on digital scrapbooking and learning to make printable subway art this summer. What will you use these free summer fonts for? Which one is your favorite?