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15 Free Tattoo Fonts

Tattoo shows are so popular right now I can’t even count how many are on the air. My favorites are Tattoo Nightmares and America’s Worst Tattoos. The stories behind the monstrosities people have on their bodies and the incredible talent required to cover them with a beautiful new tattoo amazes me. Enjoy this roundup of free tattoo fonts for scrapbooking, cardmaking, digital design, and anything else you want to look inked, maybe even yourself!
Free Tattoo Fonts

Free Tattoo Fonts

If you’re looking for a tattoo font to put on your body, you’ll want to take extra care to make sure your tattoo font is exactly what you want it to be. Check out the video below for tips on choosing a tattoo font.

How to Choose a Tattoo Font

If you’re more the type to put a tattoo font onto a printable that you are your skin, you’ll love making fun projects using tattoo fonts instead of making a permanent commitment. Either way, enjoy!