Love Cards for Him: Free Printable Love Wheel

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Looking for love cards for him? Knock his socks off with this free printable love wheel card.  All you need to make it is white cardstock, the free printable files below, a printer, and a brad. You can make as many love cards for him as you like! This thoughtful card is perfect for birthdays, anniversaries, Valentine’s Day or just because you love him.

Love cards for him! Make this free printable love card for your next anniversary, birthday, or just because. Also makes a great Valentine's Day gift idea!

Photoshop kicked my butt on this project, ya’ll so I hope a bunch of you like it and are able to use it.  It’s quick, easy, cheap, and meaningful. Try finding that at your local mass merchandiser. 😉

Free Printable Love Cards for Him

Print off the back of the wheel by clicking the image below:Free Printable Love Wheel Valentine Card

Print the front of the wheel by clicking the image below:

Free printable love card

Each piece measures 6″ in diameter and will fit on a piece of standard cardstock.


Cut out both circles. Use an exacto knife (or just the tip of a scissor blade if you  have to) to cut out the two white triangles on the front piece.

Attach both pieces together through the center using a brad

Creative Valentine Card Free Printable

Now write something nice in the blank spot horizontal to each prompt on the wheel.

Free Printable Love Card

Prompts include:

  • My favorite memory of you is…
  • I am proud of you for…
  • You look great wearing…
  • I first knew it was love when…
  • You are so good at…
  • My favorite thing about you is…

It will be a Valentine, anniversary, or “just because” love card he’ll never forget. Plus you’ll be reminded  as you answer the prompts of all the reasons you love your special someone. Warm fuzzies all around! It’s been a couple of years since I’ve given Hubs one of these special cards so I think he’s due for another. After all, there’s more than one thing he’s good at. 😉

Makes an amazing Valentine, anniversary, or just because I love you card! You just need two pieces of cardstock and a brad.

I want to know how great your man is. What would your answer would be to one of the prompts?