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Cracker Barrel Scavenger Hunt

Free Cracker Barrel scavenger hunt with rhyming clues

This will work at any Cracker Barrel so use it for a birthday, Thanksgiving, or Christmas and surprise your loved ones with a little something different. If you don’t have a Cracker Barrel in your area….well…bless your heart!

Clue#1 Hidden in recipient(s) napkin
Congrats [family surname] Crew!
You found the very first clue,
Talk to the cashier
He/She has something for you.

Clue #2 Given to the cashier before the meal. Don’t worry, they’ll be glad to join in on the fun!
Checkmate you won’t,
But “King me” you will,
What’s underneath,
The table of skill?

Clue#3 Hidden under the checkerboard table by the fire
Good job!
That’s exactly what I meant.
You’ll find the next clue,
Underneath my favorite scent.

Clue #4 Hidden under your favorite fragrance Yankee Candle jar. Put in on the second jar back in case somebody buys the first one before the hunters reach it. 🙂 Also, just skip this clue if you have rambunctious or young children in the hunting party. You don’t want to be paying for broken candle jars!
There’s still more to come,
Are you getting tired yet?
Where do girls put their hands
After they get them all wet?

Clue #5 Hidden under the paper towel dispenser in the ladies’ or men’s room
Genius or moron?
It’s so hard to tell,
Unless this little game
Gets you under its spell.

Place your car key underneath the triangle peg puzzle at your table.

close up shot of the cracker barrel triangle peg game with a wooden base and red, white, and blue pegs.
The gift will be in the only safe place….the trunk of your car. This is sure to be a Cracker Barrel experience they will never forget. Print out the clues before you leave home, bring a roll of Scotch tape and have fun! Check out my Cracker Barrel peg game solution for more fun.