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Three Ways to Organize Your Essential Oils

Since we started using Young Living Essential Oils almost a year ago, my collection has grown abundantly. I never gave much thought to organizing essential oils until the quantity finally demanded that I get my oils off the kitchen counter (and classified by color and alphabetized ;).)  Here are three ways organize your essential oils depending on how many you have. 

Three ways to organize your essential oils depending on the size of your collection

Organizing Essential Oils

1. Essential Oil Carrying Case – This is how I started out and it kept my oils organized well for the first few months of my journey with Young Living. I’m glad I still have it because it’s perfect for taking oils on the go. I can even fit a little container of carrier oil on the top before zipping it up. It holds 16 5ml or 15ml bottles and is available in a larger size that holds 30 bottles.

Organizing your Essential Oils on the go

2. Desk Organizer Tray – Once my collection started growing, I’d keep the oils I liked to take with me in their carrying case in my purse and the rest of them in a desk organizer tray. Mine is a simple cardboard organizer that cost around $4 at Ross. It’s great for keeping vegetable capsules handy too for when you need to take not-so-great-tasting oils internally (Young Living only! Do not take health food store essential oils internally!) In the spring and fall, we take a lot of Lavender, Lemon, Peppermint capsules and it’s convenient to keep them out like this.

Organizing Essential Oils

3. Nail Polish Wall Rack Organizer  – This is the Big Kahuna of storage and organization options. It will hold over 100 bottles of essential oil! It’s actually a Nail Polish Wall Rack Organizer and works brilliantly for Young Living Essential oil bottles. It comes already assembled and took Hubs 5 minutes to hang it in our kitchen.

Organizing your essential oils

I love the aesthetic value as well. All the colors look so cheerful in the kitchen!

Organizing Essential Oils

I can even sneak a few roller ball bottles in there too.


Are you ready to start your journey with essential oils? I’ve never met anyone who regretted it!