The Zen of Cloth Diapering

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Frugality has a stiff competitor in most areas of my life. Laziness too often trumps attempts to penny pinch, but with our new attitude toward simplicity and self-sufficiency in place we decided to give cloth diapering a go. Prior to Sweet T’s birth I viewed our future as cloth diaperers with dread. Who can honestly say they look forward to exposing their washing machine and diaper bag to close encounters of the poopy kind when a pack of Pampers can come to the rescue? Fortunately, cheapness won out over laziness in this round and we stuck with it long enough to fall in love. That’s right. Love. I’m totally addicted to fluff!

The savings alone are enough to give me a chronic case of the warm fuzzies, but I never expected to take such pride and satisfaction in the practice of cloth diapering. There’s something transcendent about hanging prefolds to dry in the breeze and knowing you’ll never have to drop everything and make an emergency trip to the store for diapers. And maybe I’m a little mental (or “tetched” as we say in my family) but the immaculate condition of my daughter’s butt makes me feel like a good parent. At least good enough to balance out some of that guilt that most parents are either bombarded with or create for themselves.

You don’t have to jump feet first into cloth diapering like us hardcore fluffmongers to appreciate the benefits. Don’t be afraid to start small. Try using cloth at home and disposables when out and about or overnight. Even part time cloth diapering will facilitate your bank account and reduce the amount of chemical exposure to your baby’s skin. Before you know it you just might be achieving your own form of enlightenment at the changing table.