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These Easter crafts for preschoolers are fun for the whole family! Keep little ones busy while sharing the Easter story in a natural, fun way.

Resurrection Garden Religious Easter Craft

Course Crafts and DIY
Keyword easter crafts for kids, religious easter crafts
Author Jenn


  • spray bottle


  • 1 12 " terra cotta pot base
  • 1 3 " terra cotta pot
  • grass seeds
  • potting soil
  • craft moss
  • pebbles
  • small sticks
  • jute or twine


  • Lay the pot on its side toward the back of the plate as pictured.
  • Spray the top of the pot and the back half of the place liberally with water
  • Cover with potting soil as shown then spray soil with water. Pack the moist soil as tightly as you can adding more water if needed
  • Sprinkle grass seeds over area then top with a little bit more soil to cover the seeds. Spray with more water.
  • Place moss in front of pot opening.
  • Add pebbles on top of moss
  • Lay two stick in the shape of a cross, then use jute or twine to wrap around the intersection of the sticks to hold them together.
  • Place cross in the soil to the side of the pot.
  • Continue to spray the soil each day until grass sprouts