Win the litter box that saved my marriage!

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Hubs and I have been married for 14 years and we’ve had at least one cat in our home for all but about two of those years. Hubs may dislike cats, but he loves me so…

I didn't want cat. My wife wanted cats. So we compromised and got five cats.

That’s kind of how it’s gone all these years. Now that we have small children, his “cat tolerance” level has gone down quite a bit. And I get it. I really do. We waited until both children were potty trained before adopting furry family members again just because I couldn’t deal with managing another creature’s poop! Speaking of poop…

Here’s how I’m managing it now (for the cats, not the kids)

The Litter-Robot Open Air really is as simple to use as it looks. With two cats in the home, the “ready” button flashes about once every 3 days to let me know to empty the waste drawer. The Litter-Robot comes with three of their biodegradable drawer liners or you can used similar sized trash bags (nice to have a green option though!) I switch out the bag, press “reset” and am done for another three days. This works perfectly since I was only remembering to scoop our old box about twice a week. Gross, I know.

litter robot

The “empty” button is used when you want to remove all of the litter from the Litter-Robot at one time, not just the clumps. Since operation really is as simple as it sounds, my main concern was getting the cats adjusted to the change.

litter robot

As you can see, Creamsicle was very nonchalant about the new delivery. No surprise there really. He’s our adventurous kitty and I kid you not…now he tries to jump into the Litter-Robot and ride it like a rollercoaster while it’s cycling. Fortunately it will not cycle with the weight of a kitty in it so his reward for that behavior is brief. I know he’s been thrill seeking when I walk by and have to manually press the “cycle” button. Brat.

Fudge on the other hand is a more typical cat. Curious, but also cautious and skittish.

Sweet T had to be very still for him to snuggle with her. I still think he only felt safe due to the camoflauge of her sweater

Sweet T had to be very still for him to snuggle with her. I still think he only felt safe due to the camouflage of her sweater.

So for Fudge’s sake, I let the Litter-Robot sit upstairs for a couple of days. Then I moved it beside the old litter box for a couple of days. Then I put kitty litter in it (fresh mixed with about a cup of old per the instructions) and let it sit there a couple of days. Then I took the old box away.

Fudge still left me a present where the old litter box was so I moved the Litter-Robot over 6 inches exactly where he left his business on the floor. His meow-jesty accepted this. After we were accident-free for a couple of days I plugged the Litter-Robot in and set it to cycle 7 minutes after a cat has vacated. They’ve been using it problem-free ever since.

So now Hubs can complain about the hair, the scratching, the jumping on things, and more recently the Christmas tree war, but he can’t complain about the litter box anymore thanks to Litter-Robot.

Win it!

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