What does simplicity mean to you?

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It’s interesting how the concept for simplicity can mean completely different things to different people. My mom and I were discussing this and for her, simplicity usually equals ease. She’d rather buy it than make it, pay full price rather than clip a coupon, and she places a premium on convenience. For her, that’s simple living. This got me to thinking about my own definition and I found that for someone who touts simplicity I have a hard time pinpointing it in concrete terms. Rather, I notice when there is a complication in life and seek to eliminate it. I guess that’s my definition of simplicity. My complications may not be the same as your complications. For example: wireless networking. You can check out my post about our wireless adventure here. After all was said and done, we reset the netbook back to factory settings, returned it to Target, and returned the router back to Best Buy. Life has been less stressful ever since. I shudder to think of all the time Hubs and I spent trying to set up a connection, eventually getting professional help,  and spending hours on the phone trying to resolve further issues (blue-screening, Geek Squad blaming Acer, Acer blaming Geek Squad, etc.). Something that was supposed to make our lives easier and more comfortable wound up raising my blood pressure to the point where I decided to forget it all! Depending on your job situation, home layout, and travel habits however, doing without wireless might complicate your life immensely.

How “simplified” do we get before our simplicity turns into complication. For me it’s more simple to eat a tomato straight from my backyard garden than to consume a gas-ripened, genetically modified “tomato” from the grocery store or strain our budget to pay the price for organic at Whole Foods or Earth Fare. For others, the effort and lifestyle change required to maintain a garden would prove stressful and perhaps take too much time away from their family or other important priority. Your homegrown tomato might be my wireless network!

Eclectic is a good adjective to describe my habits of simplicity. Gadgets like our video nursery monitor, an ereader, and digital scrapbooking software have all simplified my life immensely while choosing line drying, cloth diapering, and washing dishes without a dishwasher have also brought simplicity.

So what does simplicity mean to you?