Transitioning from One Child to Two

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Parenting sometimes seems like a big guessing game and there’s nothing like transitioning from one child to two to make you feel that way. When our firstborn arrived (Sweet T Makes Three!) I was over-prepared right down to having little custom button pins made for everyone to wear on the day she was born. Check it out. I had it all figured out from my home water birth to breastfeeding and baby wearing. Then Gus came along two years later and a lot of what worked for Sweet T didn’t work for him (or me) and some of my ideals had to go out the window. On one hand, you’re a seasoned pro by the time your second child makes his appearance. You’ve survived sleepless nights and feeding schedules and know all there is to know about car seat safety. This isn’t your first rodeo and you’re probably feeling reasonably confident in your mad parenting skilz. Then you realize this child is a completely different human being from your firstborn and only 20% of the same rules are going to apply.

transitioning from one child to two

Your rules don’t apply to me!

You no longer outnumber the little people in your care, and while you at least have man-to-man coverage, you’re finding yourself outmaneuvered on a daily basis. Living this reality delivers a big dose of humility for perfectionists like myself. Life with a baby and toddler tends to put you in survival mode for a bit and you might as well learn something while you’re there. Having a second child lowered my judgment toward other mothers and taught me to let go of my tightfisted expectations. Both were healthy life lessons. Accepting help when it’s offered (asking for it when it isn’t) and choosing time and money savers can save the day when you’re transitioning from one child to two. Save your day by ordering Luvs online from for free delivery right to your doorstep. Create a Luvs subscription while you’re at it for huge time savings! There was a 6 month period in which I had two children in diapers and this offer would have saved the day. Take advantage of the limited-time $3 off offer on Luv’s Ginormous boxes at (not available in-club). Combining the savings with the free shipping offer means you can get high-quality Luvs diapers for as little as 11 cents per diaper for a 5-week supply!

What advice would you give for transitioning from one child to two?