5 Reasons To Have Your Child’s Birthday Party at Shakalaka!

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We just celebrated Sweet T’s 7th birthday at Shakalaka Extreme Air Sports! Here’s what we loved about the experience and why you’ll want to have your next party there too.

moana cake

1. Personal Party Attendant – Janel took care of everything from unloading our car to cleaning up the party room when we were done and a whole lot in between. I didn’t even have to serve cake!

birthday parties at shakalaka

Sweet T’s 7th birthday was my most enjoyable one yet thanks in part to Janel. She freed me up for more time to spend with my kids and our guests, plus picked up some of my slack. Before I even made it back from the jump floor, she was already serving kids the juice pouches we brought that she’d chilled earlier. Check out the Shakalaka party page for more info about what they provide.

birthday parties at shakalaka

2. Kids Get All Their Energy Out – This had to be the most serene time of gift opening and cake indulgence ever seen at a kid’s party. Why? The kids had bounced all our energy out and were ready to cool off with some drinks and downtime.

Moana birthday party at Shakalaka

3. No Weather Worries – With a summer birthday in the South, options are limited. Due to the heat and bugs, it’s not really practical to just go to the playground for cake and playtime. A pool party is always an option, but if we’d gone that route this year we would have been in a world of hurt. On Sweet T’s party day it rained for hours and we had plenty of lightning strikes and flash flooding. Shakalaka’s activities are all indoors so weather isn’t a concern.

shakalaka indoor trampoline park

4. Adults Get To Be Kids Again! – Instead of wrangling little party guests or cleaning up after them, adult guests were able to join in the fun! Hubs let his inner American Ninja Warrior out a little and even the grandparents were getting in on the fun.

shakalaka indoor trampoline park

Don’t feel like jumping? Shakalaka has you covered with a relaxing place to look down on all the activity and take some great pics.

shakalaka indoor trampoline park

5. Fun Loving Staff – The Flight Crew knows how to show you a good time while keeping an eye out for safety. It was obvious how much they enjoy their jobs and their attitudes contributed to the overall good vibes of the place. Check out our party day video below to see just how much fun we all had.

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