Scout Elf Return Week is Almost Here!

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If you have adopted a Scout Elf, you know that November 25th-December 2nd is Scout Elf return week. This was news to me since 2016 will be the first Christmas season that we’ve adopted a Scout Elf.


We certainly want to make sure that we’re ready for our elf and that he feels welcome so we’re excited to have a welcome party for him! Sweet T has named our Scout Elf  “Roast Marshmallow.” (It’s official. It’s on the adoption certificate and everything.)


Since this is our first year with a Scout Elf, we have a few things to learn. We’re reading up on how to welcome our Scout Elf and how to treat him while he’s in our home (look but don’t touch!)

elf on the shelf

I also had a couple of additional questions for Santa. Thankfully one of Santa’s top helpers, Chanda Bell, was able to answer some questions for us.

What do Scout Elves like to eat? – As you might expect, Scout Elves love sweet treats like candy canes and cookies. I sure hope our Scout Elf loves marshmallows too since that’s part of his name! Scout Elves may love their sweet treats, but don’t be afraid to balance their diet with some fruits or veggies once in awhile. We all need to eat them!

What do Scout Elves do during the rest of the year? – Scout Elves stay busy all year round and since Santa’s helpers love social media, you can often check Twitter or Facebook for picture of what they’re doing!

What will our Scout Elf be like? – Each Scout Elf has their own personality so we’ll just have to wait to meet Marshmallow (I’m calling him that for short) and see! Will be be mischievous, sweet, adventurous, or mellow? Maybe he’ll be a fashionista like these guys!

I’m sure family will fall in love with him no matter what.

Nobody knows kids better than Santa, and I think he knew Gus would have a hard time not being able to touch Marshmallow once he makes his appearance.  So what did he do? He sent us a couple of Elf Pets to love!

elf pets

Both Reindeer and Saint Bernard Elf Pets each have their own unique way to help keep Christmas spirit alive and they are happy to cuddle with kids. In fact, that’s part of how they store up Christmas spirit!


It looks like they’ll both be getting plenty of love from Gus. He’s named his Saint Bernard “Leo” and we’re going to let Sweet T name the reindeer.


Now I have to get busy planning our welcome party for Scout Elf return week. I’m not sure exactly which day of #ScoutElfReturnWeek™ Marshmallow will be here and we want to be ready for him!

How will you welcome your Scout Elf this year?

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