Chinese Green Beans

Sweet T is a picky eater but one healthy food she enjoys are green beans, particularly the Chinese Green Beans found at Chinese buffets. Usually when I try to copycat a restaurant food it takes several tries and tweaks to get things just right, but not this time! I found this Chinese Green Bean recipe at and it needs no … [Read More...]

Sweet Corn on the Cob

Sweet corn on the cob is a family favorite of ours. We've eaten it with dinner twice this week already! It's rare to find something fresh, wholesome, and easy to prepare that all three of enjoy eating, that's I pick some up each week at the grocer during the spring and summer. Sweet corn helps us meet our recommended intake of whole grains which … [Read More...]

Hand Over the Camera!

As a control freak perfectionist, it's hard for me to turn over the reigns with just about anything including my camera. A while back I posted some family photography tips, one of which was to make sure to include yourself in family photos. It's time for me to practice what I preach and that means handing over the camera on occasion to Hubs. Last … [Read More...]

Homemade Corn Tortillas – Gluten-Free

This is an adaptation of a cornmeal tortilla recipe from Hillbilly Housewife. I changed the flour to rice flour in order to make the recipe gluten-free (and because I wanted to try rice in my WonderMill!) and changed the shortening to lard since we try not to use hydrogenated oils anymore. I mixed the technique up a little too to hopefully make it … [Read More...]

Plate to Pixel

I've always been a bit of a frustrated photographer. There are few thing I appreciate more than a beautifully captured photo, yet I struggle to capture those perfect images myself. Maybe it's just my perfectionist nature, but I get aggravated when my pictures don't look comparable to the pros. For my 30th birthday last month, my parents gave me a … [Read More...]

Portofino Dolphin Cruise, Pensacola, Florida

The fabulous ladies of Circle PR weren't actually on the boat, but they were with us in spirit on the morning of our Portofino Dolphin Cruise thanks to their generous sponsorship. The relaxing cruise was the perfect way to wrap up our jam-packed weekend. Yes, we saw lots of dolphins as promised! Even a couple a babies. The "awwwws" coming from … [Read More...]

Adventures Unlimited, Pensacola Florida

For someone who is terrified of heights, I had a serious adventure this weekend. Adventures Unlimited provided Brandcation bloggers with a zip line experience that we will never forget! Our amazing guides Desiree and David kept us safe and made sure we had a blast. Fun fact: Desiree zips seven days per week at Adventures Unlimited (even in the … [Read More...]

Nurturing my Garden

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Whitney Farms. All opinions are 100% mine. I love growing our own food right in our backyard. Besides the convenience, health benefits, and reduction to our carbon footprint, it’s just plain satisfying to nurture something from seed to table. It’s just not feasible for our young family … [Read More...]