A Little Pregnancy Humor

I'm not sure Mystery Baby is ever going to get here. Granted my due date isn't until Friday but Since Sweet T arrived a whole week early I kind of had my hopes up for #2 following the same pattern or arriving even earlier. Since that's not happening I've resorting to whining and moaning about being pregnant forever. Today I'm just going to laugh … [Read More...]

Easy Chicken Enchiladas

This easy chicken enchilada recipe is perfect for busy nights. I assemble them the night before or around lunch during Sweet T's naptime then all I have to do is put them in the oven 30 minutes before it's time to eat dinner. The recipe is also extremely flexible. I've never made it the same way twice! You can make just about any tortilla size … [Read More...]

Good Dog Restaurant Chattanooga Tennessee

Located just a short drive from the aquarium, this Chattanooga restaurant provides a family-friendly menu and environment that will make you want to "sit, stay, eat." Good Dog serves such a dazzling variety of hot dog, bratwurst, and sausage combinations that I had a hard time choosing just one. The Fajita Dog with jalapenos, grilled onions and … [Read More...]

Beach Party Theme

Our MOPS group kicked off its first meeting last week. Since this year's theme is "Plunge In," the ladies came up with a beach party theme that was put together so well. Where did they come up with all these beach party ideas? While I was excited to reconnect with friends and see some new faces, my camera was mostly pointed at the food!  I couldn't … [Read More...]

Cake Pop #Fail

Today kids, we're going to learn how to make cake pops. *snort* My friend Lexi and I decided to attempt them together. Actually I decided to make cake pops and wreck her kitchen to do it. Details, details. Everything started off fine. Her husband even came in at this point in the process, stole sampled a pop, and told us to stop whatever we … [Read More...]

Hawaiian Style Sliders Recipe: This party food recipe might just be the perfect game day food too! Best of all these finger sandwiches are quick and easy to make.

Hawaiian-Style Game Day Sliders

  Football season is gearing up! That's cause for big excitement down South where college football is practically a religion. If you're a transplant from another part of the country one of the first thing locals will ask when getting to know you is "What team are you for?" Around here answer must be Alabama or Auburn. Go Vols is sometimes … [Read More...]

Our Day at the Tennessee Aquarium

During a weekend visit with a friend Sweet T and I had the opportunity to visit the Tennessee Aquarium in Chattanooga, Tennessee. The aquarium is celebrating its 20th anniversary this year and I can remember enjoying days in the River Journey building as a child. However, the Ocean Journey building opened in 2005 and this was my first visit there. … [Read More...]

Clam Stuffed Mushrooms Recipe

  I have really been struggling with anemia this pregnancy and needed some easy recipes that were iron-rich. Here's a tasty stuffed mushroom recipe that will give your red cells a boost! Be sure to use whole baby clams rather than minced or clam pieces if you are anemic. They are more pricey, but their counterparts only contain minimal … [Read More...]

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