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I hesitate to even post this considering the best way for me to jinx an exercise regimen is to blog about it.  That’s what happened with my latest Couch to 5K attempt anyway and I’m sure has everything to do with blogging about it and nothing to do with lack of character and discipline on my part. 😉
Today starts day one of the P90X program for Hubs and I. We attempted it a few years ago but fell off the wagon after about a week. This time we are making a couple of changes that will hopefully help us stick with it:

1. We’re going to do the exercises together. During our first attempt I would do my workout during the day and he would do his in the evening after he got home. You can guess how long that lasted.
2. At the suggestion of some Facebook friends, I invested in a set of bands that I’ll be using instead of the weights or chin-up bar.
3. We’re going to be a less hardcore about the program and go through it twice if we have too. Better to take it easy and actually exercise daily for three solid months than to burn out after a few days because it’s too intense.

Not surprisingly, Hubs and I have different goals for the program. His it to “get ripped” (and far be it from me to complain!) while mine is to gain strength. Hubs has strength in spades from doing manual labor every day, but being naturally, genetically underweight (don’t you hate him?) has a hard time bulking up. I on the other hand, while plenty thin at 111 pounds, have the muscle tone of marshmallow fluff and a hard time opening a jar of it without one of those rubber grip things. How am I going to haul a toddler around?
My back has been hurting lately too which I think is a result of weak abdominal muscles. I’d also love it if my resting heart rate wasn’t as high as a hummingbird’s. Sweet T goes to bed at 8:00 and this is what we’ll be doing in the evenings instead of vegging. Wish us luck!