Kitchen Project

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The previous owner of our home almost completely gutted our 1960’s rancher and turned it into a rustic farmhouse. This really isn’t my style. Our previous home I had decorated in a Tuscan style and if money were no object my house would look like a Pottery Barn or Anthropologie catalog. I’ve learned to embrace the rustic style over the last year since the alternative would be to gut the house ourselves. As I bring clothes in from the line or head out to work in our vegetable garden I can appreciate the rustic theme and can almost imagine for a little while that I live in a simpler time.

Hubs is a carpenter and therefore obsessed with construction projects being done properly. As with everything there is a right way and a wrong way of doing things. Some of the rustic motif in our home was done properly. I love the pickled wood kitchen floor and the distressed tin ceiling. I don’t love the lack of proper lighting, the one walk-through bedroom, or lack of closet space. Hubs has done quite a few little things to the home since we moved in to make it more practical. This week he tackled a kitchen project.

I don’t have a truly “before” picture but it looked pretty much like this except there was a window there that overlooked the inside of the carport. Why? I have no idea. We are enclosing the carport to make more living space so Hubs just took the window out.
In the process he found the original color of the kitchen walls. Wowzers!
Next he installed cabinet framework and a hood vent. Now I can see what I’m cooking! (and also see how dirty the stove is.)
“After” photo. We have extra cabinets and a range hood! Now to get a decent stove instead of this one that we bought for $70 out of a drunk guy’s shed. Fun story about being flat broke and unemployed.

Thanks, Hubs! Maybe I won’t burn any more fried food now that I can see.