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Vintage Outdoor Christmas Decorations

We’re back at Deanna’s house this week for a peek at her vintage outdoor Christmas decorations! There’s so much to see at her historic 1920’s home, that I’m going to break down this home tour into sections. Today let’s take a look at her vintage outdoor Christmas decorations and find inspiration for our yards and …

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Decluttering Tips: 20 things to toss out NOW

Decluttering is something many of us start to think about in January. The excess of Christmas and the thought of a fresh start with the beginning of a new year usually inspires me to reclaim some space! Plus, clutter gives me anxiety. How about you? Maybe I’m just weird. Below are 20 things you can donate, …

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Three Ways to Organize Your Essential Oils

Since we started using Young Living Essential Oils almost a year ago, my collection has grown abundantly. I never gave much thought to organizing essential oils until the quantity finally demanded that I get my oils off the kitchen counter (and classified by color and alphabetized ;).)  Here are three ways organize your essential oils depending …

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Mom Guilt Bingo

Feeling some mom guilt today? Of course you are! Let’s make a game of it. Mom Guilt Bingo is perfect for Mom’s night out, where you’re already feeling guilty for enjoying the break you are taking from the kids. Everyone gets a free space for looking at their phone at the park. If you have not used your phone at …

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The Thrift Store Game

Lest you think all we did on our girl’s getaway to Atlanta was eat amazing food, I wanted to tell you about one of the most memorable activities of our trip. The thrift store game! It’s perfect for youth groups or crazy moms like us who are celebrating being away from their children by acting …

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