Free Printable Love Notes + Are You #Scentmates?

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“Adulting” has it’s way of taking a toll on marriage, doesn’t it? The daily grind plus trying to raise a couple of healthy, socially responsible human beings can make time spent as a couple seem impossible. Never mind romance. What’s that?

Since becoming parents we’ve found that simplifying romance is the only way to ensure it actually happens in our marriage. Weekend hotel visits may be a thing of the past but nothing’s stopping us from showering together after the kids go to bed (save time and water, people. It’s such a noble cause.) and shutting off the TV for the evening. Sounds nice, right?


Why not head to Walgreens and choose a fragrance for each of you before shower time? AXE & Caress® body washes go together like peanut butter and jelly. Once you find your#Scentmate you can enjoy a little romance at home.


Which one will you pick?


I chose Love Forever since it’s clean, floral smell was my favorite. With up to 12 hours of long-­lasting fragrance, the breakthrough Fragrance Touch Technology releases bursts of perfume with every touch of your skin! That’s pretty romantic in my book.

For Hubs I chose the last bottle of Axe Black Body Wash in the store. It’s popular with good reason! It’s relaxing fragrance combines notes of bergamot, rosemary and cedar wood.

Ok, now we’re getting somewhere!

Know what else I used to do a lot before kids came along? Leave love notes for him everywhere. If he went on a trip I’d put them in his suitcase. Around the house he’d find them on his pillow, the bathroom mirror, or in his lunch box. Fourteen years and two kids later, Hubs might get a note twice per year. So I made these free printable love notes for him (or her) just as much for me as you! Just click here or on the image to download and print.

Free Printable Love Notes

Fresh out of romantic ideas? Use these free printable love notes for him or her to let your special someone that they've still got it!


Once you find your Scentmate, be sure to take advantage of this special offer: Save $2 on any TWO (2) participating AXE & Caress® products!* Just click here or on the image below for your coupon.


Now write “join me in the shower” on the back of one of your free printable love notes and make some time for romance!

*Excludes trial and travel sizes. Coupon available 10/9/16-­10/31/16. Coupon expires 11/28/16 Post sponsored by Mirum Shopper but all opinions are my own.