Sweet T’s Favorite Enchantimals™ Doll

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Last week we introduced Enchantimals™ dolls and Gus kind of stole the show with his love for Felicity Fox and Flick. They both match his room so what can I say?

Now let’s see what Sweet T thinks about them and meet the rest of the Enchantimals™ family!

Enchantimals dolls

Sweet T’s favorite Enchantimals™ doll is Bree Bunny™.

Bree Bunny™ and her bunny animal friend, Twist, are inspired by the world of Enchantimals™, a fantastical place nestled in nature. Fun touches highlight her bouncy, creative personality, like bunnies wrapping around her ankles on her pink shoes and ears poking from her pink hair. The whiskers on her face and furry touch of hair match Twist and make them the perfect pair.

She enjoys dressing up like her new pal and didn’t take those bunny ears off for hours.

You’ll want to meet Sage Skunk™ and Patter Peacock™ too!

Each Enchantimals™ doll has removable accessories to play with in addition to her sidekick.

Sweet T enjoys mixing and matching when she’s feeling a little silly.

My personal favorite of the Enchantimals™ is Patter Peacock™.

Patter Peacock™ and her peacock animal friend, Flap, are inspired by the world of Enchantimals™, a fantastical place nestled in nature. She wears a colorful floral and peacock feather print outfit that matches her chatty, fashionable personality. Her and Flap have matching feather wings and a purple up-do – Patter Peacock™ even has a golden tiara. Kids will love recreating the wonder of nature with these two.

Isn’t she pretty? Do you think I should get a gold tiara and play dress up with Sweet T? Don’t be silly. Of course I should!

Enchantimals™ dolls provide the opportunity for hours of pretend play and creativity. Sweet T and Gus took a used postal package and made an apartment for all the Enchantimals™.

Let me give you a tour. The toilet paper piece is a rug (note that they all remove their shoes before coming into the house) and the aluminum foils pieces are pet beds. It’s so fun to see what kids come up with!

Check out the Enchantimals™ YouTube channel for even more fun.

Buy it!

All six Enchantimals™ dolls are available at Walmart. They make wonderful Christmas gifts! Put a few under the tree this year or in a special little one’s stocking.


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