Easy Slow Cooker Corn Recipe

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This easy slow cooker corn recipe is a potluck favorite at our church. There are never any leftovers and we usually fight about who’s going to get to bring it since it’s so easy to make. I won this round!

Easy Slow Cooker Corn Recipe

2 pounds frozen sweet corn
1 block cream cheese
1 stick butter
1 16 oz pack shredded cheddar cheese

Easy Slow Cooker Corn Recipe. A hit at potlucks. There are never leftovers!
Are you read for this complex process?
Throw everything in a crock pot until it’s melted and hot throughout ( if the corn is frozen this will take 3 hours on high and 5-6 on low )
Stir a couple times while it’s heating and add more corn as it melts down.

Serve and bask in the ensuing compliments like you slaved over it all day.

If you are are short on time, thaw the corn in the microwave before placing it in the slow cooker

Corn has never tasted better short of on-the-cob fresh out of the summer garden. Make sure you keep tight-lipped about the recipe or it will be the last time you get to bring this easy corn recipe to a get-together!