DIY Bacon Soap and Towel Animal Pig

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Are you achin’ for some bacon? This pig towel animal (well…washcloth animal) is serving up bacon that is swine-approved. It’s soap! Soap that’s cheap and easy to make. We may not have a guest room in our home but there’s nothing like bacon soap and a little towel piggy to make them feel welcome even if they are sleeping on an air mattress.

I had so much fun with this easy DIY craft. No, the soap isn't bacon scented. It just looks like your favorite breakfast. Fold a towel animal pig out of a washcloth and you've got the cutest gift idea ever!

Here’s what you’ll need:

Clear Glycerine Soap Base (find it at Hobby Lobby)
Bacon Ice Tray (it’s been in the $1 spot at Target for the past two summers)
Blue, Red, and Yellow food colors

homemade soap

Use white glycerin soap base instead of clear if you have it for the bacon fat. I didn’t have it and didn’t feel like buying a whole bag or driving to Hobby Lobby. My solution was to melt about a tablespoon of clear base and add a few drops of cream to it. Yep, actual cream from your fridge. Milk might work too.

Spoon a tiny bit of the melted creamy soap onto the bacon mold. You gotta be quick! It’s such a tiny amount of soap that it firms up fast. Just dribble it in there like so.

bacon soap mold

Next, microwave one block of glycerin soap in a pourable microwave container for 30 seconds or until liquefied. stir in 2 drops red, 1 drop blue, and 1 drop yellow food coloring for that perfect bacon color. Pour over creamy soap and allow to cool. Soap will be ready to be removed from the mold after about 30 minutes.

bacon soap

That’s it for the bacon soap. Now on to our towel animal pig.

Towel Pig
1 Microfiber washcloth (get a 3 pack for $1 at The Dollar Tree)
A rubber band
Black foam and a hole punch (optional)

Start by laying your washcloth out flat

how to fold a towel animal pig

Turn the bottom edge of the washcloth up about 1.5 inches

how to fold a towel animal pig from a washcloth

Fold the bottom left corner into the center to form a triangle.

how to fold a towel pig from a washcloth

Do the same thing with the bottom right corner

fold a towel animal pig from a washcloth

Fold the tip of the triangle under so it looks like this

fold a towel animal pig

Roll the right side of the washcloth at an angle toward the middle. Had to use my foot to hold it down and take a good picture since it will spring back at this point.

washcloth towel pig

Roll the left side the same way

washcloth towel animal pig

Grasp the washcloth with your fingers just above where my boot is in the photo above, then turn the washcloth over. You have a snout now!

make a washcloth towel animal pig

At this point I like to rubberband our little piggy friend to keep the snout together.

washcloth towel animal pig

Bring the center of the washcloth down and tuck it in the rubberband behind the pig’s snout. Now you have ears. They’re giant though! Fold, twist, and tuck using the rubberband if you like to hold them down until the ears look like you want them to.

washcloth towel animal pig folding

If you like, punch two holes out of craft foam sheets and glue them to the snout using tacky glue.

DIY Bacon Soap and Washcloth Pig: Cheap, easy, and creative favor or gift for houseguests

If this is for a gift, consider buying a Mini Cast Iron Skillet for presentation. Obviously optional, but sure is cute! You can find them at Academy Sports among other places for about $4

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