Crochet Sock Monkey Hats

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My oh-so talented mother-in-law crafted a sock monkey hat for Sweet T while we were visiting for Thanksgiving. She made it without a pattern no less! When my good friend Lexi heard about this she decided she wanted one for herself and I decided to attempt to make one for her. I bought a basic crochet sock monkey hat pattern from Crazy Socks Crochet but added some elements of MIL’s that I liked just by eyeballing it. The flower pattern is available for free at Ravelry.It amuses me that the big sock monkey seems to be frowning compared to the little one. Maybe baby monkey is being a bad girl and mommy had to put on her angry face.Crocheted Sock Monkey HatsLexi, I know this is your hat but I couldn’t resist a Mother/daughter sock monkey picture in our jammies before mailing it. My hair was kind of clean that day 😉

baby and mother each wearing a crochet sock monkey hatMy little Christmas monkey

baby wearing a sock monkey hat in from of the Christmas tree