Behind the Scenes of Disney On Ice!

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Last month, Sweet T and I enjoyed a once in a lifetime experience together at Feld Entertainment Headquarters. We got to go behind the scenes of Disney On Ice Dare to Dream!

Go behind the scenes of disney on ice and see what it takes to create a performace

Keep reading see our behind the scenes Disney on Ice experience plus video of the performance itself! Disney on Ice behind the scenes made an unforgettable memory for the both of us and inspired us to take to the ice back home. Check out the video below to learn what goes on behind the scenes to pull off of show of this magnitude.


Neat, right? If you’ve seen a performance of Dare to Dream before, you’ll notice some exciting changes to the program including new material from Frozen and most notably…Moana making her first appearance! I wasn’t allow to film the new portions of the show, but let me assure you that you won’t be disappointed.

The “Shiny” segment was my absolute favorite. Between a 12 foot wide Tamatoa and the sheer number of skaters with incredible costumes plus the light show, my eyes didn’t even know where to land. Go see it for yourself! You’ll be glad you did. There’s Moana’s boat, Gramma Tala’s stingray spirit, Maui of course (you’re welcome) and more!

behind the scenes of disney on ice

Watch the video below to see some of the highlights of the show that Disney On Ice allowed me to share with you. Be Our Guest will never get old and Rapunzel and Flynn’s performance was breathtaking.

Learning from the choreographers, performers, and set and costume designers, and having a front-row view of the performance was incredible, but the private skating lesson from Kelsey is what Sweet T will remember forever.

She hasn’t stopped talking about ice skating since, so much so that we’ve started taking ice skating lessons locally! Our first lesson is tomorrow. Thanks, Disney On Ice, for the incredible experience and for showing us something that we can enjoy together for years to come.

Who knows? Maybe Sweet T will be skating in the show one day herself. Just don’t let her go up in the air like Rapunzel does. My mama bear instincts can’t handle it.

disney on ice behind the scenes

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