How to Take a Vacation from Social Media

How to take a social media vacation...just don't check your social media accounts. The end. Right? Maybe for some people it's that simple, but for other (like me) stepping away from social media isn't quite that easy.   If you blog or own a business, social media is part of your bread and butter. Asking a blogger to quit … [Read More...]

These 30 Whole 30 recipes go from your freezer to your crockpot. Set yourself up for Whole 30 success with these easy dinner ideas.

Whole 30 Crock Pot Recipes You Can Freeze Ahead!

It's a new year and many of us are creating New Year's Resolutions when it comes to our health, or at least trying to undo all the damage we did at Christmastime. The Whole 30 Program is a popular lifestyle overhaul that's quite effective...if you can stick to it. Planning is paramount to a successful Whole 30 so if you're plunging into the program … [Read More...]

How to Stamp a Spoon! (and other silverware)

Over the past couple of months I've really enjoyed learning how to stamp a spoon. There's a whole world of metal stamping out there from DIY metal stamping jewelry to keychains that I haven't dipped a toe into yet because I'm having too much learning how to hand stamp spoons. DIY metal stamping is easier than you think. Once you learn how to … [Read More...]

Holiday Scalloped Potatoes

The "holidaze" are here and our calender is full! Between Christmas parties, holiday activities, and family visiting, we're keeping a hectic pace around here. Thanks to convenient products like Betty Crocker Potatoes, I've been able to get dinner on the table most nights without resorting to pizza delivery. For these Holiday Scalloped … [Read More...]

Meatball Mini Phyllo Cups with Cranberry Pecan Relish

Christmas will be here in 10 short days! This year, I'm focusing on quick and easy recipes to bring to events or serve to guests. All I want for Christmas is my sanity in tact. ;) Last Friday night I hosted the appetizer course of a progressive dinner. I wanted something original and impressive to serve without biting off more than I could … [Read More...]

Osmo iPad Game System Giveaway – Ends 12/26

Remember when screen time concerns meant that parents worries their kids were standing too close to the TV? How simple those days seem now! Computers, tablets, smart phones, and gaming devices are all here to stay, and it's a challenge for today's parents to monitor all those screens, regulate screen time, and ensure devices are being used as a … [Read More...]

Easy Fudge Recipe using Velveeta

How is the holiday season going for your so far? Are you managing all of the activities, get-togethers, shopping, gift wrapping, planning, and traveling involved? I'm staying afloat over here, but I'm not going to's been challenging. One thing that has helped (besides just saying no to a lot of things) has been finding simple, easy … [Read More...]

easy no bake eggnog pie recipe

Easy No Bake Eggnog Pie Recipe

Many eggnog pie recipes require baking, but with most of us hurrying and scurrying everywhere during the Christmas season, an easy no bake eggnog pie recipe makes life a little easier. I need easy holiday desserts to bring to seasonal events that take very little of my time to create (can I get an amen?) so last week I made this Easy No Bake … [Read More...]