50 Freezer Friendly Cookie Recipes

Christmas will soon be here and that means cookie swaps abound. It seems like every group I'm a part of from mom groups to church groups to blogger groups want to host a cookie swap. Mama likes cookies, but this time of year can get overwhelming. Solution? Freezer cookies!  Make a TON then either freeze the dough or the cookies themselves … [Read More...]

7 tips for Decorating Cookies with Kids #IDelight

Baking and devouring sweet treats are two of Sweet T's favorite things in the world so she was elated to have a friend over this week for a cookie decorating playdate. Brother even got to participate in the fun! Here are a few do's and dont's for decorating cookies with your kids or hosting a cookie decorating playdate Do Cover chairs … [Read More...]

Farm Day 2014

Farm Days would be more accurate since we visited two days in a row! We love Gullion Farms and make it a point to visit each time they are open to the public. Sweet T even had her birthday party there this year! The kids cannot get enough of the corn bin   And Gus wore us out going up and down the hill for the … [Read More...]

Family Halloween Costume Idea: Toy Story Theme

Halloween season is here and we've already started taking advantage of local opportunities for candy and fun. Friday night we attended a community street festival that encouraged kids to wear their costumes and collect candy from different vendors. We're doing a Toy Story theme this year for our whole family and the kids' costumes were a big … [Read More...]

Thanksgiving Turkey Snacks

It finally FEELS like fall around here now. Today we're celebrating with these cute little turkeys for an after school snack. Hoping the kids gobble them right up! (*groan*) Thanksgiving Turkey Snacks Print Thanksgiving Turkey Snacks Author: Jenn Recipe type: Snack Cuisine: Kids Prep time:  5 mins Total … [Read More...]

Is Disney Memory Maker Worth It?

Is Disney Memory Maker worth it? At the price, I don't blame you for asking! Walt Disney World Memory Maker package can be purchased in advance for $149. I actually didn't know about this option prior to our trip last month and paid $199 for it at the park! We wound up with 223 photos of our trip and here's why it was worth it for our family even … [Read More...]

Little Gift Shop of Horrors

On return trip from Louisville last weekend, we may have tried to stall just a little. I'm glad we dragged our feet because we got to experience the most epic gift shop of all time in the history of ever. I'm not going to mention the name of the place since it's my intent to make you smile, not to humiliate the owners. But... when you have … [Read More...]

Fall Sensory Table

It's October. They tell me it's fall. I'm not really convinced since the high here is 87 degrees today. I know that come January I'll be grateful I don't have to pour hot water on my car just to get the door open, but it would be nice to experience a fall and spring like other parts of the country. Since the South has always been home, I've … [Read More...]